All the Dirt on Yard Doctor Trey Rodgers Ph D

When you have problems with your green space, who you gonna call?

MILWAUKEE (March 30, 2011)-The Yard Doctor, of course. Yard Doctor Trey Rogers, Ph.D., is the know-it-all of lawn and yard care. Also known as the Guru of Grass, the Champion of Turf and even the Sultan of Sod, this man’s mission is to help everyone create and maintain a lawn and yard that will be a point of pride.

On any given day, you might find the Yard Doctor on his hands and knees in the middle of a lawn, golf course fairway or even major league ball park inspecting insect damage or turf disease. But his expertise in all things green doesn’t stop at any borders. It spans the globe. From helping the average Joe Homeowner grow a great lawn to growing playing fields for the Beijing Olympics, he’s done it all. In all of his travels, Rogers has yet to find a lawn, yard or playing field he can’t improve.

When he’s not working outdoors, Rogers can be found teaching grad students about turf grass science at Michigan State University, passing the torch to the next generation of yard care czars.

To help everyone grow a great lawn, Yard Doctor Trey Rogers authored the book on lawn care, titled LAWN GEEK: Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Turf From the Guru of Grass. He’s shared his lawn and yard care tips and advice in USA Today, on national television and in media across the country.

This growing season, Rogers will share his lawn and landscape advice during the free, month-long Yard Smarts Hotline (April 15-May 15). Just like famous cooking hotlines help in the kitchen, this hotline’s goal is to answer any and all yard care questions to get people off to a successful growing season.

Rogers will also visit three of America’s neediest yards selected by the public ( to bring them back into their neighborhood’s good graces. Learn more about the Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor and Yard Smarts at

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