Tips to get the yard prepared for Memorial Day weekend

MILWAUKEE, WI (May 20, 2016) – Briggs & Stratton Corporation® (NYSE: BGG) Briggs & Stratton Corporation is ready to help homeowners clean outdoor living spaces just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

“Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, so let’s kick it off on a clean note,” said Dan Roche, director of marketing for Portable Power and Cleaning Systems at Briggs & Stratton. “Briggs & Stratton’s versatile line of pressure washers and detergents can be the easiest way to help any homeowner wash away dirt from patio furniture, grills or worse — last year’s BBQ on the grill grate.”

Select the Right Pressure Washer for the Job.
The Briggs & Stratton pressure washer with POWERflow+ TechnologyTM makes any pressure washing job easy. It features an exclusive valve and pump design that delivers high-pressure for deep cleaning. The POWERflow+ Technology includes high flow, which is ideal for washing because it delivers up to five gallons per minute to rinse away soap, dirt and debris. Easily store and use detergent with the help of the on-board detergent tank. The 7-in-1 nozzle saves time by putting the user in control to adjust pressure settings and apply detergents with the twist of the nozzle head. The unit is available in an electric or gas option.

Clean a Grill in Minutes.
Let’s be honest, grills get dirty fast. Briggs & Stratton’s heavy-duty degreaser is perfect for removing any oil or grease. To clean a grill, disconnect any electric lines, prop up the hood and remove the grates. Add the cleaner to the on-board detergent tank. Be careful around gas hoses, connections, electrical components or heating elements. Working from the bottom of the cart up to the grill bed, spray the detergent on evenly and let it soak for three minutes before rinsing. Using a general medium-pressure spray pattern, flush detergent from the hoses. Working from the top down, wash away any detergent. Let the grill dry thoroughly, then coat with a nonstick oil to help reduce future build up as it powers through all those hot dogs and hamburgers during the summer months.

Power Washing a Deck.
Decks are the living room space of the outdoors. They see a lot of action and taking care of them takes work. Luckily, Briggs & Stratton’s concentrated pressure deck wash is designed to make this cleaning job easier. The pressure washer deck cleaner is designed to clean wood surfaces without damaging the finish. For a deeper clean, try using the multi-purpose cleaner which is formulated to remove any mold and mildew stains that may have developed.

Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture.
Memorial Day is more than just the start to the summer season. It’s the fashionable start to wearing white. And nothing’s worse than wearing white pants and accidentally sitting on a dirty patio chair. Briggs & Stratton’s multi-purpose cleaner will help quickly remove any mold, mildew, dirt and grime from patio furniture.

Wash Outdoor Windows.
There is a good chance that windows have accumulated a coating of dust and grime over the winter months. To keep the view from a home clear, use a pressure washer with high pressure to lift dirt, and high flow to wash it away. The high pressure and high flow capabilities of the Briggs & Stratton POWERflow+ make reaching second story windows and other high places easy without needing a ladder. Another option to increase reach is to add an extension wand or to use a 2nd Story Nozzle Kit designed to propel soap and water greater distances than normal pressure washer nozzles.

Briggs & Stratton urges safe use of any pressure washer by:

  • Wearing safety goggles for eye protection. 
  • Wearing gloves while operating a pressure washer. 
  • Wearing boots or other leather footwear. Never wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops when operating.

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