Early Winter Storms Cause Homeowners to Prepare for Power Outages

MILWAUKEE (November 30, 2009) -Briggs & Stratton, exclusive licensee of GE-branded Standby Generators, has advanced the state of the art in residential home standby power with the introduction of its new modular Symphony&153 II power management system, exclusively for Generator Systems by GE. Featuring scalable remote power controls that use the home’s existing electrical wiring to establish an intelligent network between appliances and a standby generator, the advanced system is designed for affordable installation and can be customized to proficiently manage the diverse energy demands of the entire home with a smaller, more fuel efficient standby generator.

The Symphony&153 II system is the result of over five years of standby power management research and development, and expands upon the successful launch of the patented Symphony&153 power management controls introduced by Briggs & Stratton in 2009. “The new system takes power management to a whole new level, enabling consumers to establish a personalized Standby Power ‘smart grid’ in their home to automatically and efficiently manage backup power for the whole house, including the cycling demands of up to eight high wattage appliances, with a much more compact standby generator system,” according to Michael Betker, Marketing Manager for Briggs & Stratton.

The system manages loads using remote power modules that are easily installed directly to the existing home wiring next to each high watt appliance. Installations therefore require less new wiring, take less time, and cost less than typical systems, says Betker. "Managed whole house generator systems by GE are not only more affordable to own, but the system's simple, low cost installation is really the icing on the cake for consumers looking for the best value in total cost of ownership."

Proper sizing starts by determining each home’s unique Energy footprint, and Briggs & Stratton has developed a home energy profile assessment for consumers that will identify the best solution for their home. “The unparalleled flexibility of the innovative new Symphony&153 II power management system allows consumers to pinpoint their exact unique power requirements, select the most efficient system, and ultimately achieve affordable whole house comfort when the power goes out,” according to Betker.

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