GE Generator Systems Launches in Canadian Home Depot Stores

MILWAUKEE (March 26, 2012) — Featuring the innovative Symphony™ II power management system, GE Generator Systems announced they are now offering its line of home generators in all 180 Canadian Home Depot stores.

For the first time, Home Depot customers will be able to purchase any of GE’s standby generators, ranging in size from seven to 20-kilowatt units. Featured in all of GE’s whole-house generators is the Symphony™ II power management system, which automatically controls electrical loads during a power outage to allow homeowners to get more backup power from a smaller generator.

Symphony™ II automatically powers the highest priority appliances throughout the entire house until the generator reaches its maximum capacity. Then it controls the lowest priority appliances until enough power is available to restore appliances with higher needs.

Carissa Gingras, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Standby Power, exclusive licensee of Standby Generator Systems by GE, said, “The partnership with Canadian Home Depot stores will give people access to smarter standby generator technology, as well as better service through an extended dealer network.”

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