Get a Greener Lawn and Yard With Yard Smarts Tips

MILWAUKEE (March 30, 2011) – Stop! Don’t toss that milk jug or tuna fish can. Repurpose them for yard care tasks.

With open eyes and an open mind, there are dozens of household items you can reuse in your yard rather than letting them end up in a landfill. Here are just a few items you can repurpose in your yard to create a “greener” landscape. Visit for more tips.

  • Plastic milk jugs make perfect scoops for potting soil or fertilizer. Carefully cut off the bottom, leaving the handle and cap intact. Or, don’t cut the jug and use it as a watering can.
  • Tuna cans and cans of similar size can be turned into a rain gauge so you can see how much water your lawn is getting. One inch of water per week from rain, or your faucet, is all you need. Measure and mark a one-inch line on the inside of the can with a permanent marker. Then, remove a small patch of your turf that’s deep enough so the can sits level with the lawn.
  • Yogurt cups and egg cartons are perfect containers for starting seeds.
  • Plastic coffee containers and gallon-size plastic flower pots that many larger plants come in can be reused to protect vegetable seedlings such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Create a protective tube by carefully cutting out the bottom of the container. Place the container over the plant, pushing it about an inch into the soil.
  • Old bed sheets are perfect for hauling branches and trimmings around your yard. Once you’ve accomplished that task, cut them into strips for use as ties around stakes to keep tomato plants and other tall plants off the ground.
  • Glass jars of various sizes can be repurposed as cut flower vases that are uniquely yours, hand-decorated with painted patterns.
  • Old newspapers can be used to smother grass and weeds where you want to create a new garden. Spread them as early as possible in the season (or even in the fall), wet them and let them go to work.

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