How GE Standby Generators Save You Power & Money

MILWAUKEE (January 10, 2013) - Many homeowners keep small portable backup generators handy in the case of a power outage. However, if you live in a place prone to power outages, a small portable generator may not do the trick. Home standby generators provide long-term backup protection from power outages and help protect your investments. Read on to learn how a standby generator could save money and power your home. 

A Smarter Generator
GE standby generators are equipped with the sophisticated Symphony™ II Power Management System. The automatic transfer switch monitors whether your home or business is receiving power from the grid or not. In the case of a power outage, Symphony™ I Power Management is comprised of computer controls that quickly determine your home’s power needs and utilize an internal smart grid of remote modules to route energy to the appliances that need it most. 

When power resumes to your household, your GE home generator will shut down on its own and the transfer switch will continue monitoring the connection to local utility power. 

Learn more about the Symphony™ II Power Management System today. 
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Saving Money and Increasing Home Value
Looking to lower home insurance costs? A whole house generator is a good idea if your area gets a lot of rain, snow, high winds or has frequent blackouts. 

GE generators can keep your refrigerator running to save food, power sump pumps to avoid flooding, and support dehumidifiers to remove mold-causing moisture. 

Keeping Your Home Online—In Comfort 
Home generators from GE easily handle low and high wattage appliances like ovens, refrigerators, computers, clothes dryers and air conditioners. The Symphony™ II Power Management system assesses how much power is available and cycles through the power needs of various appliances, managing power to other items until appliances with high start-up power needs, like central air conditioners, are functioning at their normal operational loads. 

Keep your home up and running through any condition. 
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