Hurricane Preparedness: Weatherproof Your Home

Milwaukee,WI (February 14, 2013)-More and more frequently, Americans all over the country are experiencing power loss due to severe weather, ranging from hurricanes to heavy rain and snow. The best protection against storm damage is to develop an emergency preparedness checklist, practicing emergency procedures, and buying the necessary materials to protect your home against inclement weather. Read on to find out how to best stormproof your home against damage.

Storm Damage Prevention

Move outdoor furniture and plants indoors. While saving your poolside chairs and potted plants might be the last thing on your mind, yard furniture can damage your home if battered around by heavy rain and wind.

Maintain your yard. Think gardening isn’t a critical component to emergency preparedness? Think again! Pruning unruly shrubs and weak tree branches both keeps your home looking tidy and can minimize damage to the exterior of your home and roof during a powerful hurricane, rain storm, or heavy snowfall.

Install permanent storm shutters. Storm shutters or plywood boards can be fitted into window frames to protect the interior of your home from damaging wind and water. Pre-cut plywood to fit into standard-sized windows is available at many local home improvement centers.

Clean your gutters. Help ensure proper drainage and ward off leaks by routinely clearing gutters of debris.

Reinforce garage doors and your roof. Prevent structural damage by investing in straps or clips to secure your roof and garage door to the frame of your house.

Backup Power: Consider a Home Generator

Briggs home generator, when installed safely and correctly by an authorized Briggs Dealer, can help protect your property during severe weather like a hurricane. Standby generators keep crucial appliances like flood-preventing sump-pumps and food- and medication-saving refrigerators running even in cases of power loss.