Power Outages on the Rise: Keep Your Lights on with a GE Generator

MILWAUKEE (December 17, 2012)-In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, resulting in huge losses of property and, more tragically, human life. To date, Hurricane Katrina is the most costly natural disaster in US history, weighing in at an insured loss of over $40 billion dollars, according to the Insurance Services Office.

Hurricane Sandy, in more recent news, left nearly 8 million people without power in 15 states across the east coast, according to a CNN report.

Partially due to a rise in blackouts, 9.3 million generators were sold globally for residential applications in 2009 and that number also continues to rise. Read on to learn how standby generators provide power during an outage so you can protect your investments and keep your lights on.

How GE Generator Systems Work

GE generators keep your mind at ease during the stressful lead-up to a storm. In the case of a power outage, the system quickly determines that no power is being received from the local utility and the standby generator turns on automatically. The patented Symphony™ II power management system provide a managed power solution that gives you access to every powered item in your house, just not at the same time. By using power management modules, appliances become prioritized and turn on and off based on need and the electrical load placed on the generator.

When power resumes to your household, your GE home generator will automatically shut down and will continue monitoring the connection to local utilities.

Video: How does a GE Home Generator Work?

Disaster Preparedness

Installing a backup generator is not the only necessary precaution to properly prepare for loss of power, extreme weather, and other stressful circumstances.

To best be prepared for an emergency situation:

  • Pack a small bag with medications and first aid items before disaster strikes, especially in case of emergency evacuation
  • Develop a communication plan to contact friends and family
  • Sign up for emergency management alerts from your local government and utility companies in order to know when power will be restored or if evacuation is necessary

Visit FEMA’s Ready Campaign website for comprehensive instructions for emergency preparedness.

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