Natural Gas and Propane Generators by GE Home Generator Systems

MILWAUKEE (December 19, 2012) - Whether your home runs on natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP), GE Generator Systems has the product to keep your lights on through any storm. Home generators by GE provide automatic backup power in a power outage, and are permanently installed either to a natural gas line or a propane fuel source. The home standby generator eliminates the need to weather a storm without power, manually shut down your generator, or worry about refueling your unit like with portable generator solutions.

Natural Gas vs. Propane Generators

Don’t know which generator fuel is right for you? Simply identify the fuel source that currently provides your home energy.

Many of GE’s standby generator models are available in both natural gas and liquid propane models. Fuel consumption and the output of wattage vary between models. Find out the individual details for different GE Generator Systems models to learn more about the variations of product specifications between NG and LP models.    

Regardless of whether you choose a liquid propane or natural gas generator, a GE generator has the benefit of being directly connected to your home or business’ fuel source. Because of this, home generators help keep you safe in your home, rather than necessitating fuel refills that expose you to tough conditions outside.

Check Local Codes
It is highly recommended that you contact a local GE Generator Systems Dealer to help ensure that your generator is properly installed. Work with your local GE Generator Systems dealer to review local codes and verify if a permit is required for installation.

Connecting Your Generator to the Fuel Source
If your GE standby generator will be connected to a natural gas line, coordinate with your GE Generator Systems dealer for proper gas line installation. For the best generator performance, your gas meter and pipe needs to be properly sized to supply the required gas pressure.

If your home generator will be connected to a propane fuel source, you will need to work with your GE Generator Systems dealer to schedule proper connection to your gas vapor line.

To learn more about natural gas or propane generator installation, contact your local GE Generator Systems dealer.