Standby Generator Maintenance by GE Home Generator Systems

MILWAUKEE (December 19, 2012) - In the event of inclement weather, a home generator can keep your lights on, your food fresh, your family warm, and your home free of water. Preventative maintenance helps ensure that your GE standby generator runs when you need it and prolongs its lifespan. Read on for generator maintenance tips from GE.

Inspect Your Generator

A thorough visual inspection of your home generator is a must on a monthly basis, especially if you live in an area prone to power outages. Make sure the space around your generator is clean and free of debris that could limit ventilation. When your GE generator isn’t running, look for errant pools of fluid that might indicate oil or coolant leaks. Connecting joints and welds should be double-checked for leaks and batteries should be clean and free of corrosion. Make sure your generator battery charger works so that your unit is ready to run under any conditions.

For generator maintenance and repair parts, find a generator dealer today.

Annual Generator Maintenance
Yearly generator maintenance starts with changing the engine oil, air filter, and fuel filter. Additionally, alternators and transfer switches—like those in GE’s Symphony™ II Power Management System—should be inspected and maintained. Testing an automatic transfer switch involves cutting all power to it and may involve a planned outage.

Contact your local GE Generator Systems dealer for help in performing annual maintenance tasks.

Exercise Your Generator
Believe it or not, generators need exercise to stay in prime condition. Your home generator system’s weekly exercise cycle helps ensure that engine parts stay lubricated.

With proper care and regular maintenance, your GE home standby generator will last for years and keep your family and property safe through whatever Mother Nature sends your way.