Taking the Guesswork Out of Selecting a Home Standby Generator- How to Best Determine Your Power Needs

MILWAUKEE (August 1, 2010) --As interest in permanent whole house generators continues to grow, most people remain in the dark about their home’s total daily power consumption, making the sizing and selection process for a home standby generator difficult. GE, a recognized leader in energy management solutions and Briggs & Stratton, North America’s top manufacturer of residential generators, have joined forces to offer consumers whole house backup power solutions that are as easy to select as they are affordable to own.

In an effort to take much of the guesswork out of selecting a standby generator, Briggs & Stratton is now offering four turnkey whole house standby packages under the GE brand that will automatically manage the unique energy footprint of every size home when the power goes out. Featuring a major breakthrough in energy management technology, each whole house package includes the proprietary new computer controlled Symphony™ automatic transfer switch, which enables consumers to intelligently manage the diverse power demands of an entire home, including central air conditioning and heating, with a more compact and fuel efficient standby generator.

The 10kW Standby Generator System by GE fits the needs of about 73 percent of the homes in the country. Starting at less than $ 2,900 the compact system features advanced power management capabilities that can power most small and medium sized homes.

“Most people want to use all of their appliances in a power outage, but often don’t realize that items like central air conditioners, stoves, and electric dryers require a large amount of power to operate,” according to Michael Betker, marketing manager, Briggs & Stratton, exclusive licensee of the GE brand. “Now there is an energy efficient whole house backup power solution that will efficiently and affordably manage the power demands of nearly 90 percent of all U.S. households.”

Briggs & Stratton has developed a simple and intuitive online selection guide for consumers that provides a quick understanding of which solution is right for their home and family. Visit www.ge.com/generatorsystems to learn more.