Writing Generator Reviews for GE Home Generator Systems

MILWAUKEE,WI (December 19, 2012)-Whether choosing a restaurant for a family dinner or making a big purchase like a GE home generator, you are likely refer to reviews to help you make your decision. Help inform other shoppers by writing a generator review!


How to Review a Standby Generator

  • Visit the GE Generators product page.
  • Below the thumbnail image of your commercial or home generator, you will find a star rating and a link to Read All Reviews. Click Read All Reviews.
  • Click Write a Review.
  • You can also find a link to Write a Review on each individual product page.

Your Product Rating

  • Select an overall star rating for your commercial or standby generator. One star isPoor while five stars are Excellent. (Required Field)
  • You can also assess aspects of your GE Generator System and buying experience, including quality, value, features, performance, and the installation process by rating each on a scale of Poor to Excellent.

Write Your Review

  • Write a review summary. This is basically a title or short phrase highlighting the content of your review. (Required Field)
  • Write Your Review, a 100-or-more character post assessing your GE backup generator. (Required Field)
  • Does your generator perform well? Is your generator quiet? Easy to install? Use the easy checkbox feature to include a quick list of pros and cons of your generator.

Generator Review Guidelines

Consider what you wanted to know when purchasing your GE commercial generator or home standby generator and let us know what we can do to improve.

  • Focus your review on the product. Assess the pros and cons of your generator, the environment that you run it in, and the conditions that it has powered your home or business through.
  • Avoid writing about customer servicecontact GE Generator Systems if you require support immediately or consult our FAQ.
  • Please refrain from mentioning other generator companies or your specific pricing as this can vary based on dealer, location, and installation needs.
  • Do not include your name or personally ID information. This is to protect your privacy.

For more specific guidelines and information about what gets published on our website, read the Generator Review Guidelines.

Read Reviews

GE standby generator customers are pleased with their purchases and eager to share their experiences. Read on for generator reviews by GE Generator Systems customers to help inform your generator purchase.