Nature starts at your back door - Go outside and enjoy it!

TurfMutt is a science-based educational program funded by the outdoor power equipment industry and their partners. It introduces to elementary school aged children the idea that green areas have a positive environmental impact on personal and community space everyday.

The TurfMutt program is led by the furry face of Lucky, a real rescue dog, who tells his story and teaches children in grades K-5 about plant science. The educational curriculum, games and experiments help teach students to become better environmental stewards and to appreciate green space. If you are a teacher or student, you can learn more about the program by visiting the TurfMutt page.

As a homeowner, parent or avid backyarder, is a handy resource for activities, ideas and tips on how to make your yards and green spaces healthy, strong and working hard to keep our air and water cleaner and homes cooler. Sign up for TurfMutt's blog to learn the latest news or visit TurfMutt's Facebook page. You can also follow Lucky on Twitter for quick tips.

To learn why yards, parks, forests and other green spaces are beneficial for us and the environment, visit today!