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Briggs & Stratton Announces First Bluetooth Portable Generator : 5 : 2016 : ...
Briggs & Stratton Announces First Bluetooth Portable Generator : 5 : 2016 : ...
May 04, 2016

Briggs & Stratton introduces the first Bluetooth enabled portable generator to the market. Read More »

5 Tips for Safe Camping with a Portable Generator : 5 : 2015 : News : ...
May 26, 2015

Each year, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of camping season with people flocking to lakes, parks and other remote areas to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Campers that require a few modern conveniences from home often turn to the quiet, efficient power provided by a portable generator. Read More »

Briggs & Stratton | Portable Generator Tips for Winter Storm Season
October 15, 2015

Briggs & Stratton is urging property owners to prepare now for possible power outages by inspecting and tuning up portable generators before winter snow and ice storms strike. Read More »

Briggs & Stratton | 6 Easy Fall Cleaning Pressure Washer Projects For ...
September 17, 2015

The experts at Briggs & Stratton® offer 6 easy fall pressure washer cleaning projects to prepare homes for winter and make the next year's spring cleaning season a breeze. Read More »

6 Tips for Easy Outdoor Party Prep With POWERflow+ Technology™ on Select ...
June 16, 2015

Briggs & Stratton offers six tips to help homeowners prep outdoor areas and get them "party-ready" using pressure washers with POWERflow+ Technology™. Read More »

Briggs & Stratton | Quiet Mower That Never Needs An Oil Change
February 23, 2016

Briggs & Stratton has combined two of its most popular innovations, creating one engine that’s up to 60 percent quieter* than comparable models and never needs an oil change**. Read More »

Prepare for Winter Storm Power Outages | GE Home Generators : 11 : 2011 : ...
November 07, 2011

Nearly half of American familes are not prepared for winter storm power outages. Keep your home and family safe with a GE standby generator! Read More »

Emergency Preparedness in the US | GE Home Generators : 9 : 2012 : News : ...
September 18, 2012

More than half of American families are unprepared for emergencies or natural disasters that could cause power outages, according to a GE Generators survey. Read More »

Smarter Backup Power for Home Generators | GE Generators : 3 : 2011 : News : ...
March 01, 2011

Thanks to new technologies, backup power is getting smarter, smaller & more efficient every season. Learn more about GE standby generators today! Read More »

Backup Power Solutions for Homeowners During Storm Season | 5 : 2017 : News :...
May 03, 2017

In preparation for strong summer storms and hurricane season, Briggs & Stratton Corporation is encouraging homeowners to take preventative steps to manage power outages to keep their family and home safe and sound. Read More »