Your personal financing has an energy component, Briggs & Stratton's operating expenses are affected by energy costs as well. One major cost factor is in the lighting for our facilities. As part of our ongoing green initiative, Briggs & Stratton retrofitted our facilities with more energy efficient lighting, which is significantly reducing our energy burden. These lighting projects reduce our carbon emissions by 14,658 tons and save $1,445,000 annually. The electricity saved could power 1,544 homes for an entire year, year after year.

Why Energy Efficient Lighting Now?

Briggs & Stratton has relit our facilities with over 12,500 lighting fixtures with a payback of just over one year. Here is why:

  • 60% Energy Reduction – Big cost savings and carbon reduction!
  • 93% Return on Investment – That’s just good business!
  • 40% Longer Life Bulbs – Less waste & less maintenance!
  • 20% Better Light Levels – Brighter, whiter light = Happier workers!
  • In addition, over 3,500 motion sensors were installed keeping the lights OFF when not in use.

Briggs and Stratton's energy initiatives only begin with relighting. Energy teams are actively working to identify and improve efficiency in energy intensive operations at all of our facilities. The mission of our Energy Team is to create value through an integrated energy efficiency program that will drive energy costs out of operations and enhance our brand in becoming environmental leaders.

See the Difference

Below you can see the before and after pictures that depict a 60% energy reduction. If you cannot tell, it is the one on the right. Don't worry; the goal was energy savings with as good or better lighting.

Briggs & Stratton Relighting Saves Energy
Briggs & Stratton Relighting Saves Energy